The company IMPORVELAS S.A., sells all types of religious candles, sponges and floral accessories, perfumed and decorative candles, throughout Portugal, Spain and in some of the Portuguese speaking African countries.

Since 1982, the year in which it was founded, IMPORVELAS S.A., knew how to grow and develop itself with high quality products and services.

Meeting the wishes and needs of the customers and the serious, professional and innovative relationship allowed the company to achieve levels of growth that allowed them to reach natural and sustained leadership in the market.

Over the years, it has been the company’s objective to establish partnerships with the best international suppliers, in the constant search for high quality products that would allow for value to be added to the products sold.

The brand IMPORVELAS was created in 2007, with the objective of better translating the company’s affinity with all the business partners and the assertion of a make with products of proven quality.

The essential values of IMPORVELAS are seriousness, honesty, trust and a spirit of partnership, whereby the various partnerships we have nationally are proof of this. This standpoint has always been one of the company’s practices, whereby it is now embodied in the brand, in a more indeleble manner.

IMPORVELAS is a brand that pays attention to its natural territory and seeks to play a participative role in the field of social responsibility, by actively cooperating with institutions of a social nature.

IMPORVELAS… the flame that makes the difference!